//Community groups exist as a crucial part of Vintage Faith Church. A typical community group is composed of 8-15 people who gather together to study the Bible, tell jokes, eat good food and just enjoy each others company. Authentic relationships are formed and biblical discipleship takes place. Anyone is welcome to join a Vintage Faith Church community group.//


WHEN: 7 pm
WHERE: 5647 Vistula Path, Brewerton, 13029
WHAT: General Bible Study and prayer
CONTACT:  Randy Ryan-315-374-3466 //


WHEN: 7 pm
WHERE: @ 8473 Chinkapin Circle, Cicero, 13039
WHAT:  General Bible Study and prayer
CONTACT:  Pastor Ken //315-430-2265


WHEN: 7 pm
WHERE: @ 133 lake St., Chittenango, 13037
WHAT:  General Bible Study and prayer
CONTACT:  Dave Cooper //315-350-7536



WHEN:  6:30-8:00 pm
WHERE:  @ Church  6836 Rt 31, Cicero NY
WHAT:  School of Theology — Essential of Sound Doctrine (Antioch material)
WHO:  Leaders and Potential leaders of VFC
CONTACT: Anthony Valentine //315-935-6614

WHEN:  7 pm
WHERE:  @ Church  6836 Rt 31, Cicero NY
WHAT:  Youth Group- General Bible Study
WHO:  Youth Group, Grades 6 – 12
CONTACT: Jesse Kirkpatrick 860-967-5441//Pastor Ken 315-430-2265


WHEN: 6:30 pm (every other week)
WHERE:  @ 6371 Killio Rd,  B’Ville, 13027
WHAT: General Bible Study an prayer
CONTACT:  Anthony & Amy Valentine//315-935-6614


WHEN: 6:30 pm
WHERE:  @Church 6836 Rt 31, Cicero, 13039  NY
WHAT: College/Career Bible Study
CONTACT:  Tina Plumadore //315-481-6637

//If you are interested in connecting with others, studying the Scriptures, and sharing life together, contact Pastor Ken 315-430-2265 or Randy Ryan 315-374-3466  about how you can get connected.

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